Build railroad tracks as fast as you can...but don't let the train crash!
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Remake of the classic Kirby game....
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Pop the squares in numerical order as fast as you can!
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Like to "train" your brain? Then this game's for you! Using track, train & sceneries, you can design your own virtual train-set.
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Paint Kit gets your creative juices flowin'! With line-drawings that you can color, we'll turn you into one mean coloring machine!
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Online Etch A Sketch for your drawing needs!
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Thank you for checking out our Free Online Games section.  We encourage all parents to preview the games before their 'knights' play.
Welcome to our new online coloring book--great for kids of all ages.  Just pick a picture, print and go!
Rainbow Jack and Melody have announced that they are releasing three books.  Two are a surprise....the third is their wedding album.  You could be in it! Check out the site often for the release date.
How well do you know your colors?
Click your favorite colors for a magical experience
Check out our HUGE selection of online games
-Action & Adventure
-Counting & Word
-Car Racing
-and much more.....
One of the all-time classic arcade games, this version of Space Invaders plays exactly like the original. It's your job to save the earth from the invaders as they gradually descend towards you.
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Go on a Hospital Adventure.  You are a patient who needs searches the Hospital for things that will help make you better.  ie: Heart, medicine, etc.
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